My Job-Seeking Journey Continues


That’s me right there, right now.

Taking a trip into the city on a nice crisp and not too cold fall day like today was fun even if it means meeting up with a recruiter. I tried to make light of the conversation which is supposed to be dry and serious. I mean what’s the point of talking to someone in person, if you don’t let your scintillating personality show through right?

She was a lot younger than she sounded over the phone. Sometimes I’m shocked at how young these recruiters can be … some of them fresh out of college. I was relieved to find out that A was at least 5 years into her career. I found her easy to talk to, and unpretentious. She readily offered up advices on how my resume can be revised to catch hiring manager’s attention, and the potential reasons that I’m having trouble with my job search this time around. Up until now, I never thought much of recruiters/head-hunters in general other than that they’re like the ledge you have to cross before you enter someone’s door. I’ve never bothered meeting a recruiter until now because 1. I wanted a reason to get out of the house because it’s a nice day out, and 2. I think I’m stalled in my job search.

My husband would laugh at me every time I go meet a recruiter (well so far twice), because he still thinks about tech recruiters the same way, either they have jobs, or they don’t, there’s no reason to waste your energy getting cozy with them. I’m hoping to prove him wrong. So we made a wager. If the first offer comes from my own lead, or a recruiter that doesn’t require you to meet face to face, then he wins. But if one of those face-to-face recruiters actually lands me a job, then he’ll have to eat his words and buy the recruiter a dinner.

In any case, it was a pleasant meeting and very informal. I didn’t even bother dressing up since it’s not a real interview. A pair of dark wash Juicy Couture jeans, a pair of BCBGMaxazria black pumps, and a JCrew sweater sufficed, a far cry from my sloppy mommy house look for a change. I had nothing to lose.

We talked about everything from my background to how she likes her job. It kind of felt like talking to a younger sister, and I was happy to fill her in on the ins and outs of the corporate structure of the last company I worked for, which she was curious about. She also spoke candidly of the job market, and the perils of trying to switch from doing something for 10 years into something slightly different (apparently slightly different is all relative).

Apparently most hiring managers these days are looking for the “perfect fit”, as in finding someone who’s been doing the same things that they’ve been doing for for years. But doing the same thing for a long time, isn’t my cup of tea. I’ve experimented and maneuvered in the past even within the same company, never doing the same thing for more than a couple of years. That’s just how I like it. I like change, and constantly learning about new things. So that makes me a hard candidate to place, because apparently I have too many different things going on on my resume! Sigh. Oh well … the search goes on, for that next enlightened hiring manager who will appreciate my lack of loyalty to any one technology or programming language. 

Oh and this morning I got to phone-interview with Gallup and they gave me 100 questions over the phone, mostly personality questions. I remember telling them about figuring out that there’s a slow leak in my fish tank as an example of my quick thinking. It literally saved my house, my basement from mold. I mean the damn thing leaked so slowly that no water pooled up around the aquarium anywhere, except for a tiny trickle against the wall but you’d never discover it unless you looked closely. I think I heard a chuckle from the interviewer.

To be honest, I kind of enjoy the job hunting process since I get to talk to people more than I normally do when I’m just staying home with my three year old, so I’m not really complaining. I don’t mind if it has to last a little longer. I know I’m just trying to make myself feel better about not having a job or even a real interview yet. But hey you have to keep your chin up right? A little humor and positive thinking goes a long way. So the journey goes on.


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